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Ease Pilates Studio offers Pilates Tower and Reformer Classes, Private and Semi-Private Sessions.


All sessions are 55 minutes unless otherwise noted.


You must take between one and three intro-privates before taking a tower or reformer class.


Please email to set up a private session or with any other questions.

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The tower is a piece of Pilates apparatus great for everyone from the beginner Pilates student to the elite athlete. It has springs and a push-through bar for resistance and assistance through movements, helping you to lengthen, strengthen, and refine your movements. It can assist you through ranges of motion that might be challenging during daily tasks, and challenge your stability with higher-level movements. Our tower classes are small 5-person classes.

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This 55-minute class on the reformer uses springs to assist movement where needed, and to add resistance where desired. The reformer is safe and appropriate for all levels, and each exercise can be modified to fit your specific needs. Small props, such as a ball and the Magic Circle, as well as the mat and foam roller may be incorporated during class. Our reformer classes are small 4-person classes.

Mask and props update:

Masks are not required but are certainly welcome. We are a safe space and want everyone to feel comfortable.


You are required to use your own loops/handles. Grippy socks are required for tower classes and optional for reformer classes. These are all available for purchase in the studio.

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